AEMC 6422 - Ground Resistance Tester (Digital 3-Point)

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AEMC 6422 - Ground Resistance Tester (Digital, 3-Point)

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Ground Resistance Tester Model 6422 (Digital, 3-Point)

Simple, one-button operation - eliminates errors in testing

The test button turns green when a measurement is stable

2P resistance/ 3P ground resistance measurement up to 50kΩ for highly resistive terrain

Large backlit digital display - easier to read in all lighting conditions

Automatic hold function - retains the last measurement after the reading stabilizes ensuring the measurement is valid

Automatic test frequency selection between 128 and 256 Hz, providing stable results in adverse environments

Powers up in 2 pole mode - automatically check the injector lead connection when connected to the H auxiliary rod

Convenient storage of the three measurements along with the average and % deviation - easily determines proper test results

Built-in test lead compensation capability - improves the accuracy of low resistance measurements

The Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 6422 performs 2-pole and 3-pole ground resistance measurements. This direct reading tester is auto-ranging, so it automatically seeks out the optimum measurement range. The Model 6422 is easy to use - simply connect the leads, press to measure, and read. The large LCD also indicates low battery status, overrange, and lead reversals.

The Model 6424 comes with 3 safety color-coded terminals to aid in an easy hookup, measure voltage up to 700V AC/DC, and AC current up to 70A with the optional current probe Model MN72.

The Model 6424 is powered by 6 x AA rechargeable NIMH batteries. The Ground Resistance Tester Model 6424 is also available in complete Kits (150ft and 300ft).

Ground Resistance (2P Mode)

Measurement Range 0.05-99.99Ω 80.0-999.9Ω 0.800-9.999kΩ 8.00-50.00kΩ

Resolution 0.01Ω 0.1Ω

Intrinsic Uncertainty ± (2%R + 10 ct) ± (2%R + 2 ct) ±(2%R + 1 ct) ±(2%R + 1 ct)

Ground Resistance (3P Mode)

Measurement Range 0.50-99.99Ω 80.00-999.99Ω 0.800-2.000kΩ

Resolution 0.01Ω 0.1Ω

Intrinsic Uncertainty ± (1%R + 10ct) ± (1%R + 2ct) ± (1%R + 1ct)

Measurement Frequency 128Hz or 256Hz (automatically selected)

No-load Voltage ±10 V peak

Maximum Test Current 20mA

Measurement Mode One shot or continuous


Display Backlit LCD

Measurement Mode 2P (Ω), 3P (Ω)

Power Supply (6) AA Alkaline batteries

Battery Life > 2,000 x 3P earth measurements at 100 Ω

Dimensions 8.78 x 4.96 x 2.75" (223 x 126 x 70mm)


Safety Ratings EMC: IEC 61326-1; IEC 61010-2-030 / 600 V CAT IV

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