Kohler K24880 Automatic Microscale Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Analyzer

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16 Mar 2023
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Test Method

ASTM D6450: For determination of flash point of fuel oils, lube oils, solvents and other liquids by  continuously closed cup tester. The measurement is made on a test specimen of 1 mL and utilizes a closed but unsealed cup with air injected into the test chamber. This method is suitable for testing samples with a flash point from 10 °C to 250 °C. 

ASTM D7094: For determination of flash point of fuels including diesel/biodiesel blends, lube oils, solvents, and other liquids by a continuously closed cup tester utilizing a specimen size of 2 mL, cup size of 7 mL, with a heating rate of 2.5 °C per minute. This test method utilizes a closed but unsealed cup with air injected into the test chamber and is suitable for testing samples with a flash point from 35 °C to 225 °C. 


Conforms to the specifications of: 

ASTM D6450 and D7094

Excellent Correlation to: ASTM D93, D3828; EN ISO 6379 / 3680; ISO 2719; SH/T 0768, SH/T 3077.1, SH/T 3077.2, DL/T 1354, GB/T 261, GB/T 21615, GB/T 5208, GB/T 21790

Temperature Range: -30 °C to 405°C (-22 °F to 788 °F) below 0 °C an external cryogenic recirculatory is required

Heating Rate: 2.5 °C/min ± 0.3 °C/min or 5.5 °C/min ± 0.5 °C/min; can be customized in the range of 0.5 to 12 C/min

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C

Pressure Range: 0 kPa to 200 kPa

Sample Volume: 1 mL or 2 mL

Ignition method: High voltage electric ignition

Stirring Rate: Can be customized from 50 RPM to 300 RPM

Interfaces: RS232, USB, Ethernet


Fully Automatic

  • Automatic determination of flash points
  • Automatic corrections for ambient atmospheric

Small Sample Size

  • Required amount of sample for each test is 1 mL or 2 ml
  • Less sample demand, lower test cost and less pollution

High Performance

  • Continuously closed cup operation with high safety and no open flame
  • Built-in refrigeration module with high efficiency

Industrial Touch Screen User Interface

  • 7-inch Integrated Color Touch Screen
  • Built-in standard test methods which can be correlated to other closed cup methods
  • Real-time display of temperature and pressure curves

USB and Network Connections

  • RS232 interface for connection to thermal printer
  • USB interface for connection with mouse or storage device
  • Internet (Ethernet) connection

Software Capabilities

  • Preprogrammed methods - each with its own interface
  • User friendly, easily toggle between parameter view and graphic view
  • When the expected flash point is entered the initial and end temperatures are automatically calculated


Under specified test conditions, when a sample is heated to the temperature called flash point, the sample vapor and air mixture are ignited instantly. Flash Point is one of the indicators for the evaluation of a materials' combustion tendency. If the flash point Is low, the combustion risk would be high. As for transport and safety regulation, flash point is used for the classification of "flammable liquids". Also, flash point is used for quality control index or determining the existence of highly volatile or flammable substances in relatively nonvolatile or nonflammable matter, e.g. lubricant mixed with a small amount of diesel or gasoline. 

Electrical Requirements

100-240V 50/60Hz, 300 W


wxdxh,in.(cm): 8.9 x 12.2 x 16.3 (22.5x31x41.5)

Net Weight: 26.5 lbs (12kg)


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