M.C. Miller Multimeter B-3D Cat. 1106

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Specification of M.C. Miller Multimeter B-3D Cat. 1106

M.C. Miller Multimeter B-3D

Item Number: 1106


  • Increased versatility through solid state design
  • Smaller & 30% lighter than Model B3-A2
  • Simplified operation
  • RFI shielded throughout
  • Excellent visibility in bright sunlight
  • Selectable input resistance
  • Large liquid crystal digital display

Additional Information:

  • Right Meter: Selectable input resistance of 10/25/50/100/200 MΩ on all ranges from 200 mV to 200 V; 20 mV range fixed at 1000 Ω
  • Left Meter: 10 MΩ input resistance on all ranges from 200 mV to 20 V; 20 mV range fixed at 1000 Ω
  • RFI Rejection: A major design achievement was to eliminate the effects of RFI, and offer accurate, repeatable readings
  • Logic: C-MOS LSI; crystal controlled timing
  • AC Rejection: Normal mode 50/60/400 Hz greater than 60 dB
  • Zero: Automatic
  • Polarity: Automatic {negative symbol displayed, positive assumed)
  • Decimal Point: Automatic
  • Battery Life: Amplifiers approx. 150 hours continuous. Low battery voltage indication incorporated into display. Other batteries life dependent upon use
  • Battery Types: Only standard batteries used: D-size, penlight & 9 V transistor types
  • Accuracy: DC 1 % of reading + 1 digit; AC 2 % reading + 1 digit

Overload Protection:

  • Advanced design features virtually eliminate the chance of damage to either meter from electrical overload on all volt and millivolt ranges, even the 20mV range. Tests indicate that the B-3D will withstand AC or DC voltages far in excess of any encountered in normal field testing.
  • Ammeter shunts are not protected by the amplifier and are subject to damage by current overloads.


  • Liquid crystal displays are special high temperature type (18°F to 176°F or 14°C to 80°C) built to rigid M.C.Miller Co., Inc. specifications.
  • Large display characters (3/4") facilitate rapid, accurate readings.
  • Built-in annunciators to reduce errors in recording readings: V, MV, A, MA, Ohms, LoBat, AC.
  • Excellent visibility in bright sunlight.
  • Damaged displays can be economically replaced in the field without special tools.


  • Built-in multi-range ammeter shunt provides high overload capacity and a high degree of accuracy.
  • Optional accessory external shunt can extend the range of current measurements to 100 amperes.
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