AEMC 6471 Kit-300ft NP - 3-Pole/4-Pole Ground Resistance Tester

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AEMC 6471 Kit-300ft NP - 3-Pole/4-Pole Ground Resistance Tester

Catalog 2135.60

Ground Resistance Tester Model 6471 Kit-300ft - w/o Probes (Cat 2135.48 And Cat. 2135.36)

without Probes (Cat 2135.48 And Cat. 2135.36)

6471 Ground Resistance Tester Model

Rechargeable NiMH batteries from a wall charger or vehicle power

Rugged dustproof and rainproof field case - IP54 rated in a closed position

Grounding standards IEC 61557 parts 4 and 5 compliant

2- and 4-Pole Bond Resistance/Continuity measurement (DC Resistance) with automatic polarity reversal

3-Pole Fall-of-Potential measurement with manual or automatic frequency selection

4-Pole Soil Resistivity measurement with automatic calculation of Rho (r) and user selection of the Wenner or Schlumberger test method

Remote set up and operation of all measurements using DataView® software

AEMC 6471 Specifications


2 Clamp Measurement

Range 0.10 to 500Ω

Resolution 0.01 to 1Ω

Measurement Frequency Auto: 1611Hz

Manual: 128Hz-1367Hz-1611Hz-1758Hz

3-Point Measurement

Range (Auto-Ranging) 0.09Ω to 99.9kΩ

Resolution 0.01Ω to 100Ω

Test Voltage Nominal 16 or 32Vrms user selectable

Resistance Measurement

Frequency 41 to 513Hz automatic

or user-selectable

Test Current Up to 250mA

Accuracy ±2% of Reading + 1ct @ 128Hz

Soil Resistivity 4-Point Measurement

Test Method Wenner or Schlumberger selectable with

automatic calculation in Ω -meters

Range (Auto-Ranging) 0.01 to 99.99kΩ; p max: 999kΩm

Resolution 0.001 to 10Ω

Test Voltage 16 or 32V user selectable

Frequency From 41 to 128Hz selectable

External Voltage Measurement

Range (Auto-Ranging) 0.1 to 65.0Vac/dc - DC to 440Hz

Accuracy ±2% of Reading + 1ct

Resistance Measurement (Bond Testing)

Measurement Type 2-Pole (with lead resistance compensation) or

4-Pole (Kelvin sensing) user-selectable

Range (Auto-Ranging) 2-Pole 0.02 to 99.99kΩ;

4-Pole 0.02 to 99.99kΩ

Accuracy ±2% of Reading + 2cts

Test Voltage 16Vdc (+, - or auto polarity)

Test Current Up to 250mA max

Data Storage

Memory Capacity 512 test results (64KB)

Communication Optically Isolated USB

Power Source 9.6V rechargeable battery pack (included)

Recharging Source 110/220V, 50/60Hz external charger

with 18Vdc, 1.9A output

In The Box

Ground Tester Model 6471

(2) Carrying Bags

(2) 300ft Color-Coded Leads on Spools (Red/Blue)

(2) 100ft Color-Coded Leads (Green/Black)

(2) 5ft Color-Coded Leads (Red/Blue)

110/240V Power Adapter with US Power Cord

Optical USB Cable

(4) T-Shaped Auxiliary Ground Electrodes

Set of 5 Spaded Lugs

(1) 100ft Tape Measure

Rechargeable NiMH Battery

USB Stick with DataView Software

Ground Tester Workbook

User Manual

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