Dash-Mounted Police Radar Stalker DSR 2X

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Dash-Mounted Police Radar Stalker DSR 2X

The Best in Police Radar

The DSR 2X Dual Zone Radar is Stalker’s top-of-the-line, most advanced police radar. It is easy to use, durable, and highly accurate. Selected by more state and highway patrols than all other competitors’ products combined. Allows easy use of monitoring approaching targets from the front and rear without having to push any remote control buttons. 

The Stalker Radar DSR 2X police radar is sophisticated enough to keep up with the experienced operator using its 2 antenna, Dual-Zone moving mode, yet it’s simple enough for a first-time user as well as well.

This long-range radar is as effective on dense city streets as it is on the highway, and its broad range of operational modes gives officers the ability to customize their unit to match their preferences.

Separate target locking, true doppler audio, track-lock function, and voice verification of chosen modes are just a few of the other amazing features of the DSR 2X.

Available Operational Modes

Same Direction

Opposite Direction

Single Antenna

Dual Antenna

Moving Dual Zone

Stationary Dual Zone

Choose Your Display

- Both display options feature Stalker’s signature 5-Window Display.

- Displays can be separated from the counting unit and connected using an optional separation cable.

Remote Possibilities

All remote options offer simple 1-button functions to change antenna, turn on transmitter, and select direction

- Ergonomic Wireless Infrared Remotes (Choose the fast-lock or instant-on version)

- Wired Metal-Body Remote (Perfect for in-vehicle use)

Rear Traffic Officer Safety Alert

Rear Traffic Alert is a patented proprietary feature of the DSR 2X. It is designed to warn the patrol officer of rapidly overtaking same-direction traffic when the patrol vehicle is most vulnerable to rear-end collisions: while pulling into traffic after a traffic stop.

If the radar senses a rapidly approaching vehicle within adjustable speed parameters, it warns the officer with a distinctive alert tone. 

DSR 2X Features

Direction sensing Moving/Stationary Doppler radar

Stalker’s signature 5-window display

Simultaneous dual-antenna operation

Automatic same-direction tracking

Track-lock function

Digital antenna communications

Officer rear traffic safety alert

Waterproof Ka-Band antennas

Voice verification of antenna, mode, and direction

RFI-immune communication

Listed on the NHTSA Conforming Product List

Vehicle Speed Sensing (VSS) operation comes standard

RS-232 serial port comes standard

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