Hand-Held Police Radar Gun STALKER II

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Hand-Held Police Radar Gun STALKER II

The Stalker II Handheld Police Radar Gun Puts the Range and Performance of a Vehicle-Mounted Radar in a Versatile, Portable Package.

A traffic speed enforcement tool for both in-car or motorcycle use.

Use the Stalker II hand held police radar gun on your motorcycle with the optional holster.

Installed either as a fixed radar using Stalker’s dedicated vehicle or motorcycle mounts, or hand-held and stowed in a lockable motorcycle holster, the Stalker II has proven itself to be reliable, accurate, and durable, mile after mile.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

A hand-held police radar gun absolutely must be rugged and durable. That’s why we constructed the Stalker II out of die-cast metal. Shift after shift, mile after mile, year after year – the Stalker II is the most popular speed gun in the industry for a reason.

And for motor officers, our motorcycle radar kit with waterproof remote, special cabling, and special mounting hardware makes the Stalker II police radar gun an all-weather performer for any road and weather conditions.

Easy Charging (and re-charging)

The Stalker II’s detachable battery handle contains rechargeable, high-capacity Li-Ion batteries. Recharge them using the included 120 VAC wall adapter or an optional 12 VDC cigarette plug cable.

A wide variety of mounting options give the Stalker II more flexibility than any other police radar gun. It can be dash mounted (with or without its handle) in a patrol car, or you can use one of our many motorcycle mounts and holsters. You can even mount it to a tripod for roadside use.

Three - Window Backlit Rear Display

Operators already familiar with Stalker’s dash-mount display layout will be right at home with the Stalker II’s 3-window backlit display.

The intuitive interface and clear messaging make it simple to use right from the start, and the raised touch panel keys make operation easy, even with gloves on.

The display’s LCD windows simultaneously show the Strongest Target, Faster Target, and Patrol Speed (in moving mode), and has direction arrows that indicate the direction of travel for both the Strongest and Faster targets separately.

By displaying both Strongest and Faster targets simultaneously, the Stalker II police radar gun can monitor faster vehicles passing larger vehicles and display the speed of both targets at the same time.


Stalker II Police Radar Gun Features

Waterproof down to 2 feet (0.6 m) of water depth

Your Choice of Moving Directional (MDR) and Stationary Directional (SDR) models

Backlit LCD with 3 speed windows battery-charging-icon-1@ 0.25x

Removable/rechargeable sealed battery handle containing a 7.2-volt Li-Ion battery

Optional cordless remote control (MDR comes with cordless remote standard)

True Doppler audio

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