Messaging and Radar Trailer - Stalker Radar MC360

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Messaging and Radar Trailer - Stalker Radar MC360

Message Center 360 Variable Messaging Radar Speed Sign

Our flagship radar speed trailer, the MC360 does it all. The large display, offered in 2 sizes, (3’x6′ and 4’x8′), can be programmed to show vehicle speeds, text-based messages, arrow-based messages, and graphics. Featuring a full-matrix MUTCD-compliant amber LED display, programmable 365-day calendar, traffic data collection, and optional ALPR/ANPR-ready (Automated License Plate Recognition) power system configuration.


Text-Based Messages

Arrow-Based Messages and Graphic

MUTCD-Compliant Display

Programmable 365-day calendar

Traffic Data Collection

Display Options

Legible from up to 1,000’ (305 m), the MC360’s two display size options (3’x6’ and 4’x8’) gives plenty of room to communicate with drivers, and the screen can be rotated 360° for ease of setup. While towing the trailer, the screen rotates to be in line with the towing vehicle, reducing wind resistance. In fact, the MC360 can be easily towed and set up by just one person.

Send A Message

Use any of the over 300 pre-programmed alert messages, arrow-based messages, or graphics that come pre-loaded onto the MC360, or easily program your own. Communicate with the sign via the NTCIP-compliant onboard computer, or web-based 4G remote access.

Power Up

The MC360 can run for up to 21 days of continuous operation using the four deep-cycle batteries in the trailer. Add optional solar panels to run your sign indefinitely. The solar panels only need four hours of bright sunlight to recharge a full day’s worth of battery power.

Traffic Statistics

The radar unit in the MC360 can be used with the optional Statistical Package to collect and store traffic data including vehicle speeds, vehicle classification, 85th percentile data, and more. This data can then be downloaded into the Stalker Easy Analyst software to create clear, colorful reports, charts, and graphics that you can present to your department, city council, and infrastructure managers. Signs can also be outfitted with an ALPR-ready (Automated License Plate Recognition) power system configuration.

Rise To the Occasion

The display of the MC360 can be raised up to over 11 feet (3.4 m) tall, then rotated 360 degrees so drivers can easily see the sign no matter how your roads require you to deploy it. The sign can be raised manually using the hand-crank, or you can add an optional electric winch to raise and lower the display panel with the push of a button.

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