AEMC 8436 - PowerPad Power Quality Analyzer

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AEMC 8436 - PowerPad Power Quality Analyzer

Catalog 2136.43

PowerPad III Model 8436 (No Sensors - Waterproof IP67) {Replacement for Cat #2136.41}

Measurement of TRMS voltages up to 1000Vrms AC/DC for two-, three-, four- or five-wire systems

Measurement of TRMS currents up to 10,000Arms (sensor dependent)

65µs sample rate

Direct measurement of neutral current & voltage

Record and display trend data as fast as once per second for one month for up to 25 variables

Transient detection on all V and I inputs (up to 210)

Selectable PT and CT ratios

Inrush current measurement

Calculation of Crest Factors for V and A

Calculation of the K-Factor for transformers

Calculation of short and long term flicker and three-phase voltage

In The Box

Extra Large Tool Bag

Accessory Pouch

5ft USB Cable

(5) 10ft Black Voltage Leads with Alligator Clips

110V US Power Cord

Line Power Adapter 100-1000V DC to 400Hz

NiMH Battery

2GB SD Card

(12) Color-Coded Input ID Markers

Quick Start Guide

USB Drive containing DataView Software and User Manual

NOTE: This kit does NOT include any current probes

General Specification

Model 8436


Sampling Frequency 256 samples/cycle

Data Storage SD card for trend recording;

Additional separate 12.5MB partitioned memory for

snapshots, transient/inrush & alarms

Voltage (TRMS) Phase-to-Phase: 2000V

Phase-to-Neutral: 1000V

Voltage Ratio: up to 500kV

Current (TRMS) MN Clamp: 0 to 6A/120A or 0 to 240A

SR Clamp: 0 to 1200A

MR Clamp: 0 to 1000Aac, 0 to 1400Adc

MiniFlex®: 10 to 3000A

AmpFlex®: 10 to 10kA(1)

SL261 Clamp: 50mA to 100Aac/dc

J93: 50 to 3500Aac/dc

Current Ratio: 10mA to 50kA

Frequency (Hz) 40 to 69Hz

Other Measurements kW, kvar, kVA, PF, DPF, kWh, kvarh, kVAh, K-Factor, Flicker

Harmonics 1st to 50th, Direction, Sequence

Power Source 9.6V NiMH rechargeable battery pack (included)

External AC supply: 110/230Vac ±10% (50/60Hz)

Battery Life ≥8 hours with display on; ≤35 hours with display off

(record mode)


Communication Port Optically isolated USB

Display ¼ VGA (320 x 240) color LCD display with adjustable

brightness and contrast

Dimensions 10.6 x 9.8 x 7.1" (270 x 250 x 180mm)

Weight 8.2lbs (3.7kg) with batteries

Safety Rating EN 61010, 600V CAT IV(2), 1000V CAT III, Pollution Degree 2

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