Stalker's Police Lidar Guns - Lidar XLR and XS

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Stalker's Police Lidar Guns - Lidar XLR and XS

The Features You Want In Comfortable, Lightweight Police Lidar Guns

The Stalker XLR and XS police Lidar units were built to be the smallest and lightest police Lidar guns in the industry. With an ergonomic, lightweight design and removable, rechargeable battery handles, these Lidar guns are designed to be comfortable to use throughout an entire shift.

Unique Modes increase ease of use and functionality

- School Zone/ Construction Zone Mode

Allows the operator to easily define a specific area such as a school zone or reduced-speed construction zone. The Lidar gun will only obtain vehicle speeds when they are within those boundaries.

- Inclement Weather Mode

Allows the laser to function in rain, snow, blowing dust, fog, etc. 

The XLR model also offers two additional optional modes:

- C-Thru/Auto-Obstruction Mode – This allows the operator to track targets that were previously impossible due to fences, trees, signage, etc.

- Following-Too-Close Mode – calculates the distance between two moving vehicles in the same lane so you can enforce safe driving practices.

Data logging

Capturing and logging speed and time data is as easy as pulling the trigger. Store up to 3,000 unique data sets in non-volatile memory. Choose to capture the data automatically or only when accepted by the operator.

Choosing between the XLR and XS police Lidar gun models

Open Roads or Urban Streets?

One of the main differences between the XLR and the XS is their range. The XLR features a 4000’+ (1.2 km+) range while handheld on average sized, inbound vehicles over 9,500’ (2.9 km+) range on outbound large trucks, while the XS’s range is 2,000’ (0.6 km) for vehicles both coming and going. 

C-Thru Mode /

Auto-Obstruction Mode

Another major difference between the two units is that the XLR has the option to add the C-Thru/Auto-Obstruction Mode, while the XS does not. This mode allows the Lidar gun to “see” around many of the obstructions that would normally block your readings.

Doppler-Type Audio Tracking

Since most Lidar operators also operate radar, the XS model has an added continuous Doppler-type audio tone which correlates to the target speed.

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