SVANTEK SV 307A - Noise Monitoring Station Class 1

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SVANTEK SV 307A - Noise Monitoring Station Class 1

SV307A noise monitoring station is an all-in-one environmental noise monitoring station based on a patented MEMS microphone technology covered by a lifetime warranty. The SV307A Noise monitoring station has been designed for permanent environmental noise monitoring in all weather conditions – it uses smart solutions to control the internal temperature and detect any hardware failures. The new housing is made of strong material that protects internal electronics: class 1 sound level meter with 4G and GPS modems. The measurement data includes noise levels, statistics, and spectra together with audio files that can be triggered on level or time. The advanced triggering provides also the possibility of noise prediction to alarm the user before certain noise levels are reached. For the remote monitoring applications, the SV 307A connects to the SvanNET Service, where all measurement data is accessible via a web interface. Moreover, SvanNET makes it possible to connect to SV 307A to listen to the live noise from the microphone! 

The SV 307A is an integrated Noise Monitoring Terminal which means that the sound level meter has been integrated with a 4G modem and outdoor enclosure. The waterproof power supply is also provided for continuous operation in the field. Each SV 307A has its factory calibration certificate. The part of the kit is the new MEMS microphone with a life-time warranty.


  • Applications

Sound measurements:

Environmental noise:

  • Hardware Features

Number of channels:  1


Remote system check:

Keyboard lock:

Remote communication:

Bluetooth: -

GPS module:

Communication Interfaces: 4G, USB, RS232

LED indicator:


Keyboard: 8 keys

Memory uSD: 32 GB

Battery type: Li-Ion

Operating time: 5-6 days

Operating temperature range: -20 °C to 60 °C

Humidity range: up to 99 % RH

Weight: 2200 g

Size: 680 x 80 mm

  • Sound measurements features

Standards: Class 1: IEC 61672-1:2013, Class 1: IEC 61260-1:2014

Type approvals: PTB Type Approval

Microphone type: MEMS patented

Preamplifier type: Integrated

Linear operating range to IEC 61672: 30 dBA Leq÷128 dBA Peak

Total measurement range: 23 dBA Leq÷128 dBA Peak

Internal noise: less than 23 dBA Leq

Frequency range: 20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz

Weighting filters: A, B, C, Z, LF

Time constants: Slow, Fast, Impulse

Profiles per channel: 3

Min logging step: 100 ms

Statistics: Ln (L1-L99)

Statistics in octaves or third octaves: -

Noise directivity detection: -

Audio recording:  option

Audio streaming: option

1/1 octave: option

1/3 octave: option

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