Trailer Mounted Speed Signs - Stalker Mini-Message Trailer

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Trailer Mounted Speed Signs - Stalker Mini-Message Trailer

A small, lightweight, highly portable radar speed sign and messaging sign combo.

The Stalker Mini-Message Trailer is a light, small-framed, highly portable trailer with a Stalker PMG mounted on it. A removable tongue and swing-away jacks keep your sign secure, and wireless connectivity allows you to program your sign from a distance.

The Mini-Message Trailer is Stalker’s smallest, easiest-to-transport radar speed sign option, allowing you to gather traffic data, share important traffic messages, and show drivers’ speeds all from one handy unit.

- A Powerful Radar Speed Sign

The PMG utilizes Stalker’s powerful Traffic Statistics Sensor K-Band radar to track and display vehicle speeds.

- Versatile Message Center

Display any message, graphic, or animation you desire with the PMG’s full-matrix LED display. Schedule messages in advance using the PMG Configuration Application or using the Stalker Speed sign iOS and Android apps. 

- Proactive Life-Saving Device

The PMG offers a variety of options, including the PMG Flood Sensors and NTCIP protocol modules that allow you to create systems that will automatically trigger your sign based on external signals. 

- Critical Data Collection Tool

The PMG’s radar can be used to collect traffic data, including the number of vehicles driving towards and/or away from the sign, their speed, and their classification. Once collected, the data can be downloaded into the included Easy Analyst software to create professional reports, graphs, and charts.

Any Size, Any Message

All three sizes of the Stalker PMG can be used with the Mini-Message Trailer, so you can choose the exact size and trailer combination that best fits your individual needs.

As Stalker’s most versatile speed and message sign, the PMG can be used as an MUTCD-compliant radar speed sign or as a full-matrix variable messaging sign. Display text-based messages, graphics, and even animations. Customize your own or use one of the many pre-programmed options that are included with your sign.

LED Display for Clear Communication from a Distance

The PMG’s bright amber LED display is legible from up to 900’ (275 m) away, depending on the size selected. Add optional strobes in white, amber, or red/blue or a simulated camera flash to attract even more attention.

Quick 1-Person Setup

The Mini-Message Trailer is small and compact, easy to tow and easy to set up by just one person. Once the sign is positioned, remove the tongue and level your trailer with the attached stabilizing/leveling jacks.

Multiple Power Options

The Mini-Message Trailer comes with with a deep-cycle group 27 battery, and you have the option to add a second battery to your trailer system. You can also add a 50-watt solar panel system to power your sign almost indefinitely.

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